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2024 Classic Vehicle Show:
A Timeless Celebration of Automotive Beauty

On a sunny Sunday the 21st of April, 2024, the picturesque Paphos harbour came alive with the rumble of engines, the gleam of polished chrome, and the nostalgia of bygone eras. The 8th Classic Vehicle Show unfolded against the backdrop of azure waters and ancient stone walls, creating a harmonious blend of history and horsepower.

Highlights of the Day:

Classic Gems: From vintage roadsters to elegant coupes, the show featured an impressive array of classic vehicles. Each one told a story—a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and the passion of their owners.

Time Travel: Visitors stepped into a time capsule, surrounded by iconic cars from the '50s, '60s, and beyond. The air buzzed with excitement as enthusiasts shared anecdotes and memories associated with these automotive legends.

Restored Beauties: Meticulously restored Mercedes, Jaguars, and Corvettes stood proudly, their glossy paint reflecting the sunlight. Patrons marveled at the attention to detail—the way a leather seat hugged the curves, or how a hood ornament sparkled like a jewel.

The 8th Classic Vehicle Show had etched another chapter in Paphos’s history—a celebration of timeless design, passion, and the joy of the open road.

More photos and videos of the great day can be viewed on our facebook page:
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harbour show

Harbour Show May 2022
The 7th Paphos Classic Vehicle Show

Published 23rd of May, 2022

Last Sunday there was a special event in Paphos. The 7th Classic Vehicle Show took place down at the Harbour. We went down to have a look and marvel at some beautiful machines.
Paphos Harbour is an ideal size for a car show. Cars can line each side giving people plenty of room to walk up and down admiring the vehicles. And it wasn't just cars. There was a decent display of bikes as well.
But I am getting ahead of myself, which is a mistake. Let's take in the main banner, nicely positioned in front of the fort.
I walked around the show in a clockwise direction, as did most people. I wonder, do left handed people have a tendency to go in an anti-clockwise direction? Or if I was south of the Equator, would the Coriolis Effect kick in and have us all marching anti-clockwise, in which case we would get to see the bikes near the start.
I have to wonder about stuff like this, because I know very little about cars. They've never really interested me as a child, and I didn't learn to drive until my Thirties. This was because I lived in London during my Twenties, and relied on Public Transport or my bicycle to get around. Owning a car would have been a hindrance.
But this also means that when I did eventually take lessons, and my work colleagues asked me what car I had my lesson in, I could only reply "A red one".
Not this one though! So, anyway, I made a film and took a lot of pictures, but don't expect any fanboi comments more in-depth than "Ooooo shiny car".
At first glance you might think that some kind man is giving an old-timer a treat by buzzing him around the harbour on his bike. However, it is in fact the arrival of two of the organisers. The driver is, I think, the guy who owns the Vintage Motorcycle Museum. The passenger is (possibly) the secretary of the Classic Vehicle Club. I say possibly because I only half-heard the announcement, and I like to keep my research to a bare minimum.
I did two circuits of the show. The first time I was filming it, so if you want to see every car and bike you should watch the film. Don't worry, I don't try to describe each vehicle as I pass it. That would be far too painful. Instead, I added a suitably vintage soundtrack. There is a link at the end of the article.
Anyway, by the time I was on my second lap, and using my DSLR to take some pictures, the weather had clouded over a bit. Still, at least it wasn't raining, and when it was announced that you were allowed to go in to the Open-Top Bus parked in the centre of the show, I wasted no time.
You did get a better view from the top deck. There was a variety of cars and bikes on display. To see them all, watch the film.
Once I had finished taking pictures, I sent the drone up to get some more shots. The footage of that is at the end of the film, so watch it all the way through.
By the time I had launched the drone from a safe location, the clouds had really rolled in. Fortunately though, there was no sign of any rain.
By all accounts attendance was really good. I began filming just after it opened. From above it doesn't look like there were that many people around, but on the ground it felt a lot busier, if that makes sense. I guess after the last couple of years we have all grown a bit unused to crowds.
After two drone experiences in two days at Paphos Harbour, I have come to the conclusion that seagulls don't like drones. Both times I launched the drone it immediately had a couple of avine watchers. Fortunately they didn't actually attack the drone, but they did do some near swoops.Consequently, I didn't fly it for long. Just enough to get a quick film and take a few pictures. Besides, the clouds ruined the overall scene a bit.
This is the film. The first part is a walk around the entire show. The last bit is drone footage. Hope you enjoy it, and be sure to turn up for the 8th show. It is a great experience, even if you know nothing about cars.
Written by Dominic from Paphos Life.

Here is the video made by Dominic from Paphos Life and, with his permission: