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The Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) is the 'ruling body' in the world of classic vehicles and in Cyprus it is represented by OKAK.  The FIVA defininition of an historic vehicle is a mechanically propelled road vehicle which is at least 30 years old, preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition, not used as means of daily transport and is also a part of our technical and cultural heritage.

As a member of OKAK, Paphos Classic Vehicle Club is authorized to conduct vehicle inspections which is the first step to the issuing of FIVA Identity Cards for classic vehicles.

The purpose of these Identity cards is as follows:-

To document and safeguard motoring heritage for current and future generations and to provide owners with an accurate (but not infallible) independently reviewed and prepared document of the Historic Vehicle’s identity and history.

To be used for authentication in FIVA EVENTS and by owners for their own purposes.

In Cyprus a vehicle possessing a FIVA ID card can be registered with the Department of Transport as an “Antiqua” vehicle which entitles the registered keeper to a discount of 65% on the annual “road tax” for the vehicle.  There is also the option to only pay €25 road tax per year but this limits the days on which the vehicle can be used to weekends, public holidays and official car club events.
In addition, when a vehicle over 30 years old is imported to Cyprus, Cyprus custom's authority requires certificates of authentication, which confirms that the vehicle is a genuine classic, before the vehicle can be released from customs.  The vehicle registration authority requires the same letters before the vehicle can be registered in Cyprus as a classic or "Antiqua".  These letters of authentication are provided by OKAK after inspection by our club's Technical Team.  Once the importing owner has registered the vehicle with the authorities and been issued with the appropriate registration plates the completion of the application and the issuing of the FIVA ID card can then follow.

To arrange an inspection, please call the Club’s Technical Team on 95 126 311 or email:

When a vehicle inspection has been requested, the following will apply:

1. The owner of the vehicle must bring with him/her a copy of the registration document.
2. The owner is required to complete the application form for a FIVA ID.
3. The owner must be a member of a recognised Cypriot Car Club, and must provide proof of such membership.
4. If not a member of a club, then the owner will be required, at the time of the inspection, to apply for membership of the Paphos Classic Vehicle Club.
5. If possible, please present the vehicle for inspection in a clean and tidy condition.  This makes it easier for the inspectors to identify engine and chassis numbers etc.  Please also ensure that you know where the chassis and engine numbers are located before you bring the vehicle for inspection.

6. The fees payable (in cash please) are as follows;- 
a) Club once only joining fee (if necessary)€20
b) Annual Club Membership (if necessary) €15
c) Vehicle inspection fee€35
d) FIVA Identity Card Issue€100

Once the FIVA ID Card, or registration letter is issued, OKAK will send it by registered post to your address, but you will need to collect it from your local Post Office, Aand sign for it.

Please note that a FIVA ID Card can only be issued to the person shown on the registration document.  If your name is not on the registration document it is necessary to attach a bill of sale from the previous keeper verifying that the vehicle has been sold by that person to you.   An 'A' plate can only be issued when a vehicle is imported and is on a non Cyprus plate.

If the vehicle is already registered in Cyprus, then an 'A' plate can not be issued.  However, once you have the ID Card, you can change the black on white plates for silver on black which will identify the car as a classic.  You will also probably be able to obtain a discount on your insurance premium.